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Cardio Boxing – an effective way to let off steam and to get fit

Are you looking for a sport that allows you to let off steam, lose weight and sculpt an athlete’s body? So you should try cardio boxing; a mixture of energy work and boxing. Hit the gym and reap benefits from this highly effective physical activity. Cardio boxing aims at various objectives: weight loss, body toning and gain of power in addition to another sporting activity. It is particularly suitable for athletes of various disciplines (rugby players, hockey players, wrestlers, etc.) as well as all fitness fans.

Cardio boxing appeared in the early 1990s, mainly in the United States. It then spread to other countries because its basic concept is quite simple: this physical activity requires the use of foot-fist techniques to hit the void or the punching bags. Everything is done following rhythmic and very catchy music.

Thanks to the use of techniques inspired by the sequences and the gestures of the boxes “feet-fists”, you strengthen on the one hand your upper limbs – pectoral, triceps, biceps, shoulders – and your lower limbs – glutes, quadriceps, calves – and on the other hand greatly improve your coordination and balance qualities. The use of cardio boxing also has the advantage – besides that of offering complete muscle reinforcement – to be a fun and safe discipline.

During a cardio-boxing training session, you will repeat several movements: footwork, usual punches (direct, hooks, uppercuts …), rotations, ground passes, duel games, etc. Moreover, alternating rhythms (slow / fast) and strikes (strong / explosive) will allow you to hold several sequences of 3 or 5 minutes without stopping and to be able to carry out these sequences for 45 minutes to 1 hour. This will positively affect your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improve your endurance, and ameliorate your fitness through a new practice and various forms of workout.

Cardio-boxing is a great way to eliminate tension and frustration. To let off steam under the guidance and encouragement of a coach not only benefits your body, but also your mind: It is ideal therefore to find a general well-being. Cardio boxing is a very complete and very safe discipline, so come and let off steam safely with your sports coach by practicing cardio-boxing at StarkGym in Geneva, Switzerland. Effective training programs, professional instructors and a motivating atmosphere are all at your disposal.

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