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Karate; the way of the empty hand

With 50 million practitioners worldwide, karate is the second most popular martial art in the world after taekwondo. The name of this Japanese combat sport, imported by the Chinese on the island of Okinawa and perfected by local masters, means “the way of the empty hand”, referring to the fact that it is practiced with bare hands. It is a sport full of assets and it grants many benefits.

The Karate is a combat sport consisting of strong blows carried by the elbows, knees, feet, forearms or hands without making a melee; this famous discipline has multiple advantages for your body and mind.

Karate is a sport that works almost all parts of the body; legs, arms, belly and back are solicited during karate training. By registering in a karate gym, you will therefore refine your silhouette, develop your muscles and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. It’s also an excellent combat sport to learn if you want to work on your flexibility.

Since the concept of karate revolves around the mastery of the body and the education of the will, it allows a better control of one’s body and one’s movements. Karatekas are able to perform very specific movements by simply mastering their body and their will. The body and the mind being closely connected, a better mastery of its movements allows later to better control the thought and the gestures. Ultimately, karate helps the person who practices it develop a better self-control.

Since karate is a self-defense sport, practicing it helps build self-confidence. Indeed, when one is able to master an adversary and to defend oneself properly, one is less fearful with regard to the possible threats that some people could represent. Better control of your movements and your will also enable you to feel more at ease about the decisions you will make.

In addition to improving your fitness, karate classes can help you channel your energy. Indeed, it is not only your physical strength that is required to excel in karate; your mental strength is also required. By combining physical strokes with mental strength, such as willpower, concentration and movement coordination, karate requires the body to focus all its energies in one place. This provides an incredible feeling of letting go and helps to reduce the stress of the person who practices this discipline.

Karate is great for physical and mental fitness. Following this style of combat sports is very beneficial as you can see and it is even better if you learn it at StarkGym in Geneva Switzerland under the supervision and instruction of professional coaches. The karate classes at StarkGym are adapted to all levels and ages and the atmosphere is very suitable for training and mastering this discipline while gaining many benefits for your body and mind.

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