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Yannick Noah Dubos

Having established a remarkable career in combat sports, Yannick Noah Dubos has 33 years of experience and many accomplishments, mainly a 3rd Dan Karate Black Belt in addition to 24 years of experience in Thai Boxing. Yannick Noah is a universal athlete who began practicing martial arts at the age of 4, thus he acquired many qualities and skills that made him an expert MMA coach.

Not to mention his wisdom, strong personality, management skills and his noteworthy coaching abilities. He also travelled internationally and established large networks of professionals around the world. When it comes to mastering Karate and Thai Boxing, Yannick Noah Dubos is the example to follow.

Yannick Noah Dubos is highly committed to sharing his great knowledge and experience with his students at Starkgym as he will be your reliable coach and instructor in Karate and Thai Boxing.

Karate: the three branches of Karate; Kihon (basic blocks, punches, kicks and positions), Kata (predefined forms simulating combat situations) and Kumite (combat).

Thai Boxing: The art of eight limbs, a full-body fighting style that involves using fists, elbows, knees and shins as effective means of fighting and self-defense.

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