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Zumba, definition, history and benefits

Zumba is a fitness discipline that mixes aerobic exercises and rhythmic choreographies. For the record, its creator Alberto Perez accidentally created this concept in the 90s. Indeed, it was while preparing to give an aerobic dance class that he realized, he had forgot the music he used to use. So he had to improvise with what was available, namely, his own Latin music.

As the name suggests, this physical activity is to spend as much as possible doing exercises on dynamic music (Latin, Jazz, Bollywood…). There are now several types of Zumba, which are adapted to the need, age and level of everyone. In addition, Zumba has proven to be very beneficial for both body and mind.

After a long and tiring day of work, what’s better than a good workout to relieve stress?  With Zumba, you cannot stop moving for an hour, but what’s more interesting is that you are having fun. For this, we can count on the encouragement of the coach, his chore and of course the music which is always catchy and motivating.

Of course, Zumba is a sport that can easily help you lose weight. You can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. In addition, it is a dance sport, so with the good mood and energy of the group, the effort is not felt and time passes super fast. If you compare, Zumba burns more calories than aerobics.

Zumba is a cardio class, but there is also muscle building. Muscular strengthening movements are indeed hidden in the dance steps. Thus, without realizing it, we perform a full body workout as all the parts of the body are involved in the Zumba.

The rhythm of the music and the movements of the body, shape and tone it, thanks to the Zumba exercises. This helps fortify the arms, thighs, buttocks and abdominals in a way that perfectly sculpt your body.

The main advantage of group classes is that you are not alone in progress. So you can soak up the group spirit and never lose your motivation. It’s a lot easier to give up if you’re alone, but in a group it’s completely different. In addition, it should be noted that everyone in your group is there to achieve goals. Some classmates share your vision and goals. So it’s very easy to socialize and make new friends during Zumba sessions.

As is the case in many sports, Zumba results in the release of endorphins, the hormone of pleasure and self-esteem. Fun rhythms that require great coordination will help you eliminate negative energies. At the end of a Zumba session, you will feel a great sense of well-being.

If you are consistent in the practice of this discipline, you will be able to fight the problems of overweight and obesity. But that’s not all! The results will appear promptly and this will motivate you not to give up your Zumba routine.

Zumba is open to everyone despite their age, gender and level, thus if you are planning to follow an effective Zumba program and train under the supervision of professional coaches, join StarkGym in Geneva, Switzerland and unleash your full potential in a friendly and motivating atmosphere.

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